Data Protection

Consent Form for Collection and Use of EG Personal Data

Diamond Motors Company with registered office at KM 28 , Cairo Alexandria Desert Road (DMC) properly processes EG personal data collected according to the EG personal data protection regulation.

The EG personal data ( Diamond Motors Company collects and the purposes of use are as below:

Items of EG Personal Data
Purpose of Use

Name, Date of birth, gender, address, phone number, etc.

(1) To promote our products and services;

(2) To provide estimates of brand-new cars or secondhand cars;

(3) To guide various application methods and admission procedures and to process associated contracts;

(4) To guide and implement procedures covering purchase of our products and after-sales services;

(5) To process Customer's applications and inquiries and to send our replies;

(6) To contact Customers in connection with campaigns or to send Customers products and so forth;

(7) To conduct Customer Satisfaction Survey;

(8) To create statistical data for product development and service improvement of [Diamond Motors Company], our dealers and affiliated companies;

(9) To contact with business partners and implement business processes;

(10) To identify our shareholders, to allow our shareholders to perform their rights and to perform obligations to its shareholders;

(11) To fulfill our obligations required by laws and ordinances, administrative guidance or instruction and so forth; and

(12) To use EG personal data for the purpose clearly specified to Customers when [Diamond Motors Company ] acquires them or for the purpose to which Customers provide consent after our acquisition of the EG personal data

However, we may use the EG personal data of Customers and other data subjects beyond the scope of the purposes announced or published in advance when it is required by law.

Processing EG personal data is essential to fulfill contractual obligations. If you cannot provide us with your EG personal data as a result of your judgment, provision of services to you and others concerned may be interfered and could negatively affect our services to you.

[Diamond Motors Company ] will use your EG personal data only for the purposes stated above.

If the provision of personal data is a statutory or contractual requirement, or a requirement necessary to enter into a contract, [Diamond Motors Company ] will notify you of that before processing personal data.


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