Xpander Interior

The Xpander interior has been designed around the Japanese concept of hospitality, or Omotenashi. In other words, we've gone to great lengths to make sure all your needs are met. The cabin feels welcoming and open, there's great visibility for the driver, but above all else, it's really, really comfortable, even when all seven seats are occupied.


Taking care of the details

The spacious interior is made possible thanks to the Xpander's generous width dimensions – whichever seat you're in, you'll never feel cramped, even on long journeys or stuck in traffic. We've taken care of all the details too with quality materials used throughout. There are two interior colour schemes available: a modern beige with woodgrain panels, and a stylish black interior, with silver carbon fibre panels.


There's no need to shout

To reduce both engine and external noise, the Xpander has sound absorbing and vibration-blocking material throughout the body. The floor is covered with thick carpet and a further sound absorption layer. To reduce rain noise on the roof, we've used thick headlining, backed by sound-absorbing material. Even the windshield is made of high-quality insulated glass.


A better view of the road ahead

The Mitsubishi Xpander has a high driving position. This means your eye level is higher, so you can identify road conditions ahead more quickly. The windshield and front pillars have also been angled to provide greater visibility. To make sure your driving position is really comfortable, you can adjust the steering wheel up and down or forward and back.


Comfortable even with seven on board

The Xpander cabin feels open and airy, even when seven people are riding all at once, thanks to ample head and legroom. All seven seats have quality stitching and ergonomic contours to offer greater support.


Three adults sitting abreast

Three passengers can sit comfortably on the wide second row seat, which offers more headroom (86mm) than any other vehicle in its class. The second row seats also have easy functioning tumble mechanisms to allow them to fold forward, so it's easier to get to the third row seats.


Versatile seating plan

One of the many benefits of the Xpander cabin is that seats can be arranged in a number of combinations. Taking the family upstate? Keep all the seats up and there's still room for a pushchair at the back. Got a chest of drawers or large item of furniture to transport? Fold the third and second row down and you're good to go.


Easy access to the back row

We've paid special attention to creating third row access. You can enter easily by folding the second row seat forward. The third row seat is wide enough for two adults with more hip width than any vehicle in its class. And unlike competitor vehicles, there’s enough legroom to place your feet comfortably under the row in front.


Fully flat luggage floor

Fold the third and second row seats down and you’ve got a large, flat cargo space with no gaps, bumps or steps. Ideal for: golf clubs, luggage, bikes, furniture.


Load space at the very back

Even with passengers sitting in the second and third row seats, there’s still space right at the back in the luggage area. Ideal for: four gallon water bottles, a pushchair or wheelchair.


Plenty of room for drinks

Both front doors have pockets large enough to hold two PET bottles, and the rear doors have pockets large enough to hold three. So if you're on a long trip and you want to stay hydrated, your drinks will always be close to hand and stored upright to prevent spillages.


Clear, bright instruments

The high-contrast meters (speedometer and tachometer) are of a quality not normally found in this class of vehicle. They're clear, easy to read and have a modern silver and carbon-fibre finish. Between the two meters you'll find a 4.2-inch TFT colour LCD display which offers essential trip information.


Easy device charging on the move

We've added USB power outlets throughout the vehicle. For front row passengers, there's one in the main console. For second row passengers, there's one in the floor console (which also has a sliding security lid). For third row passengers, there's one in the side trim just below the window line. Each charge point has a nearby pocket space to store the device.


Easy connections

The DVD Display Audio from Sony makes it easy to play DVD movies. Or you can connect a smartphone via Bluetooth with a single touch and enjoy both hands-free conversation and the audio system by using voice commands.


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