Driving the Xpander

Before we created the Xpander, we talked to hundreds of customers and visited their homes to understand their needs and lifestyles better. The result is an MPV and SUV crossover that’s ideal for commuting, shopping or leisure activities, both in and out of the city. It seats up to seven people, so it’s perfect for families and it's easy and fun to drive.


Eating up the miles

The Xpander has a 1.5L MIVEC engine (Mitsubishi Innovative Valve timing Electronic Control system). Because intake timing is precisely controlled, the engine offers a powerful performance with low fuel consumption. We've also taken great steps to keep the engine vibration and noise to a minimum. It means the Xpander eats up the miles, yet in the cabin, it's blissfully quiet.


Skipping across those trouble spots

At 205mm*, the Xpander has the highest ground clearance in its class, so it can easily handle uneven roads, or even flooded roads during the wet season. This is further helped by the fact we've located the engine air intake higher up to prevent the engine flooding and there are high quality rubber seals in the side sills and on the floor.

*205mm with 16" wheels.


Best in class for riding comfort

The Xpander has an extremely rigid body. This is because it's held together not just with screws and welds, but also special structural adhesive. Structural members have also been reinforced to achieve greater strength. Front suspension is a Macpherson strut and the rear is a torsion beam. The shock absorbers have high performance valves, which were developed for our legendary motorsport car, the Lancer Evolution X. The overall result is a disciplined, comfortable ride, on the most demanding of roads.


A smooth and easy ride

The 4-speed automatic transmission delivers a smooth and easy ride, whatever kind of road you're on.


Be a more fuel-efficient driver

We created the Eco Drive Assist system to help you drive more efficiently. You have three types of information on the Multi-Information Display: your ECO score – the more green leaves you have, the better you're doing; an ECO drive assist indicator – this tells you how you're driving in real time; and an ECO indicator.


Surprisingly nimble and agile

The front corners of the Xpander are cut diagonally to achieve a minimum turning radius of 5.2 metres. This is on a par with many competitors' vehicles that have much narrower bodies. It means the vehicle is as nimble and agile as many smaller cars. In other words, we might not be able to find you a parking spot, but we can make parking easier.


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