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Diamond Motors Cusrtomers Awards Event Ceremony December 2019

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Diamond Motors, the exclusive agent of Mitsubishi Motors, has announced the withdrawal of financial prizes amounting to one and a half million Egyptian pounds with a grand prize 250,000 Egyptian pounds for Mitsubishi customers on Sunday, November 24, 2019 under the full supervision of the Ministry of Social Solidarity.
During the ceremony held at Diamond Motors Company in Cairo Alexandria Desert Road, a representative of the Ministry of Social Solidarity conducted the drawing of 51 financial awards divided into 15 awards in the amount of 15 thousand Egyptian pounds, 30 awards in the amount of 25 thousand Egyptian pounds, 5 awards in the amount of 50 thousand Egyptian pounds and a grand prize in the amount of 250 thousands Egyptian pounds..
The Ministry of Solidarity conducted the drawing with complete transparency from f 500 customers who bought Mitsubishi cars during the competition period from all governorates of Egypt, and 51 winners were withdrawn. It is worth noting that Diamond Motors representatives received various surprising reactions when informing the winners . After completing the procedures for withdrawing and contacting the award-winning clients, Diamond Motors Company made a big celebration with the presence of more than 100 customers and their families and the representatives of the Mother company, Mitsubishi Motors Corporation of Japan with Mr. Hidmi Morasugi, General Manager of Mitsubishi Motors Africa, Mr. Walid Rashid, General Manager of Marketing and Sales o for Middle East and Africa and Mr. Wael Wajdi, General Manager of Projects at Mitsubishi Corporation, in the presence of the of Diamond Motors Managment team represented by Mr. Mahmoud Azab, General Manager of Finance and Operations of DMC and Engineer Ashraf Marwan, Deputy General Manager of DMC and directors of DMC'S departments. In addition to the attendance of a group of distributors and dealers of cars in Egypt, through which the customers purchased, headed by Al-Hawi Trading Company, the Egyptian Automobile Company and Abu Heta Trade, Karnak Auto Trading Company, Abaza Auto Trade, First One Company, Al- QershCompany, Al-Leithi Company and Auto Samir Rayan in addition to media agencies and representatives Clients are in a huge celebration on On December 11, 2019 at Dusit Thani Hotel, Fifth Settlement, the ceremony included the distribution of prizes and checks of the money to winners, and the celebration ended with a concert in parallel to the dinner. This is the first party of its kind, as for the first time this number of customers is hosted to celebrate them with the presence of company representatives, distributors and media. Mr. Mahmoud Azab, General Manager of Finance and Operations, explained that Diamond Motors Company stated that this is a simple celebration to fulfill the promises towards the customers who are considered the basis of success and any achievement achieved by Diamond Motors, these customers who trusted in Diamond Motors who were behind the company's success, especially in The last period after the European Partnership Agreement that canceled customs on European-origin cars and put the company in a difficult situation that was facilitated only by mutual trust between Diamond Motors and its valued customers.. In addition, Mr Ashraf Marwan, Deputy General Manager of Diamond Motors, added that since the Diamond Motors Company started in the Egyptian market, we always push rich and durable products that are able to withstand the maximum operating conditions in the Egyptian market, taking advantage of an advanced Japanese industry that is able to meet the desires of the Egyptian customer To own a durable car with the lowest possible operating cost with high durability and the highest possible efficiency. This is clearly evident in front of the owners of Mitsubishi cars in its various categories, which are more than fifty thousand cars since the company started with the valued Egyptian market customers. Diamond Motors, along with its Mother company, Japan, has adopted the introduction of the Eclipse cross and Xpander cars in the Egyptian market, which have been accepted and welcomed by the conscious Egyptian customer in appreciation of a strong Japanese product.. Diamond Motors, the exclusive agent of Mitsubishi Motors, has previously announced financial prizes that worth one and a half million Egyptian pounds and a grand prize of 250,000 Egyptian pounds, in addition to 50 of the other prizes that will be withdrawn on all categories of 2019 Eclipse Cross and on all categories of Xpander and this offer was for a limited period and under the supervision of the Ministry of Social Solidarity and the Consumer Protection Agency.