About Diamond Motors Company

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Diamond Motors Company was established in November 2010 by 2 major companies: Al Mulla and Al Kharafi Groups.Al Mulla Group has an extensive experience in the automotive industry that started back in 1948. It started its business with MMC in 1972, as its distributor in Kuwait. It also has successful track records with a number of other international automotive distribution businesses, having secured a leading position in the Kuwaiti and Iraqi markets. Since then, it has secured and maintained a leading position in the automotive market in these countries.


Al Kharafi Group is considered the largest investor and employer in Egypt. With its long history of more than 50 years, it has more than 70,000 employees. It operates 100 companies working in diverse activities: tourism, manufacturing, services, oil and gas, IT, real estate development, airport catering operations and management investments.