The Drive

Embrace the Joy of Unstoppable Momentum

Drive Mode

Selectable Drive Modes tailored to your needs.

You can select the most suitable drive mode according to the road and driving conditions. WET mode is specifically designed to support driving on surfaces like flooded roads, ensuring stable performance in various situations.

Excellent ground clearance and visibility

A minimum ground clearance of 222 mm delivers outstanding performance on uneven or flooded roads. Enjoy peace of mind on any route as our class-leading high eye-point provides excellent visibility, allowing you to easily navigate and assess your surroundings.

Switch mode

Intuitively clear and easy-to-switch mode selection.

Drivers can quickly and intuitively recognise the current mode status on the display. Additionally, mode selection is easy to operate with just a single switch.


Responsive 1 .5L MIVEC engine

The spirited 16-valve DOHC engine with advanced MIVEC* puts ample power at your command — more than enough to carry 5 people with ease.

*Mitsubishi Innovative Valve timing Electronic Control system


Smooth, stable handling

The suspension system is developed to accommodate large tyres and wheels. It provides a smooth steering feel and ensures a comfortable ride.

Dependable driving performance.

Dependable driving performance.

Mitsubishi Outlander Sport delivers a comfortable and stable driving experience that drivers can confidently drive with peace of mind.

Active Yaw Control [AYC]

By controlling the brakes even on slippery road surfaces, it optimises the control of the yaw moment acting on the vehicle, resulting in excellent turning performance and driving stability. It provides drivers with the freedom to drive exactly as they desire.

High-efficiency Continuously Variable Transmission [CVT]

The high-efficiency CVT provides an ideal balance between fuel efficiency and driving power with smooth gear shifts. Step-up shifting provides a crisp acceleration feel that's powerful and sharp.

Outlander Sport

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